In 1985... 

After 14 Years of practicing Transcendental Meditation, I experienced a sudden, unexpected and very powerful inner energy that literally filled me with light and unimaginable bliss. It was an event that I would never forget and which to this day, I continue to to attempt to re-experience and sustain. It forever changed who I was as a human. In the weeks following I discovered that it had been...


In the months prior there were hints that something unusual was starting to happen during my meditations. But I had no context or training to to understand the life-changing event that was about to happen.

At this point in my life, I had just been through a series of personal challenges. My mother had died, my design and construction business was failing. I was in the process of filing for bankruptcy. and an attempting to re-build my life and who I was. As part of that plan I had decided to return to school to get my degree in architecture. The schools all required a substantial art portfolio demonstrating high levels of creativity and artistic proficiency beyond the typical drawings I had been doing up to that time, such as simple floor plans and 2D straight on elevation views.

So I started working on producing an "Artistic Portfolio". I started drawing anything I saw or that came to mind. After a while, it occurred to me that in order to increase my creativity I should meditate more frequently and for longer periods of time. During the longer meditations, I began losing physical awareness and sensation of my body. I became more aware of a vast and spacious inner realm that was extremely peaceful and beautiful.

One day I became aware of the sensation & presence of light. Initially, it was just at the top of my head but then suddenly washed down throughout my body to my feet and fingertips. I felt "Electrified" and on FIRE! Yet, I was in a very sweet and blissful state. Then I felt a second flow of energy and light, this time starting at the base of my spine and rising up my back into my head. This whole event lasted only minutes. This occurred twice in one week.

In my subsequent meditations, I found it was very easy to get almost as deep, but the sensations of energy were not as intense and any attempt to consciously be aware of it would stop the feelings altogether. So I immediately made drawings of what I had experienced and created a 3D model that I photographed to document what I had experienced as the energy traveled through me.

After several days of being in this charged state, I was having difficulty sleeping, and then after almost 4 days of literally no sleep I admitted myself to the local hospital for sedation and rest. After leaving the hospital a series of uncanny synchronicities led me to a nearby Yoga-Studio that had just opened where I found someone to talk to and some answers! It was here that I first learned about Kundalini Energy and what had probably happened to me. It had been a major Kundalini Awakening but I had not been properly prepared. I also discovered that I was not the only one experiencing this and that it was being mis-identified often by western medical doctors, (see PDF-Spiritual Crisis), as various types of psychosis.

As a result of this personal experience, I have traveled an amazing and synchronicity filled spiritual path for 33 years. Recently, I have begun to experience more robust and recurring psychic & ESP abilities beyond just typical synchronicities...abilities similar to what the ancient texts referred to as the Siddhis. This includes Telepathy, Precognition, Bi-location, OOBE, and various forms of Remote Viewing/Perception. All of these extraordinary abilities starting occurring right after the awakening, but it is only in the last 8-10 years that they have become more frequent and sustained.


It is my belief that these are all aspects of awareness functioning at higher levels of consciousness possible for all humans on this planet. I believe these attainments are what will lead us collectively in restoring the planet to a more balanced, harmonious and magical world.

Taken from

"Psychic Energy System"

 by Alex Grey.

Documenting the Event... 

In October 1985, using reflections of sunlight off a twisted mylar sheet, and light refracted through a clear plastic anatomical model, I attempted to illustrate & record the sense of electrifying light and energy that was coursing throughout my body opening up to and connecting with a point of light external to and over my head. The fact that I did this instinctively before having any knowledge of the chakras, meridians, or the effects of kundalini energy, only served to validate my experience as I learned much later in life about the human bio-energy field and the existence of ancient texts, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, that present a science and practice for balancing and developing it.

Kundalini Spiritual Crisis